Colorado State Championships

The San Juan Shooting Range is a spectacular spot on the top of a ridge at 6,600ft. Hmmmmm, Mt Kosciuszko is only 7,310ft – a little higher than current but the highest that exists in Australia, let alone a shooting range to boot!!


There is still a little snow on the mountains as you can see from the pic above,

Friday was first day of main match, certainly not my best but we got through with Posse 7 and had two other Aussies on the posse with us. Aussie Drover, Mulga Bill and then Colorado Blackjack, Edward R S Canby, Hey Granpa, Jackaroo, Kathouse Kelli, Marshal Jack Murph, Pinto Being, Shot-Z Lady, Spades and Union Jack. (We had a few not turn up)


The day started on the cool side but soon warmed up and before you knew it 6 stages were completed whether you liked it or not.


Friday night was the banquet and side match awards evening at the 'Turn Of The Century' Saloon. A gorgeous reproduction of an 1890's saloon. What better place to have a banquet for a heap of cowboy shooters!!?

'A recreated 1890's Saloon decorated with thousands of Victorian Period antiques, including a 20' Brunswick Bar, originally in Montana, manufactured in 1883. The beautiful foyer room complete with Eastlake style chairs and couches, merchandise displays and Parlor Mirror create a striking entrance. Fabulous Leaded Glass Windows from the original Grand Imperial Hotel in Seattle separate the Parlor from the main lower level of the Saloon. The lower level features dinner seating for up to 80, and show seating for up to 120.' Taken from the Turn Of The Century website, see below for the link.

It was perfect and after dinner it was into side match awards. Many of our friends placed and we were amongst them also. I took Best Dressed Cowgirl, Speed Shotgun, Speed Rifle, 2nd in Trail Walk for Wild Bunch, and Jack took Speed Shotgun (a matching pair we were). He entered best moustache but was taken by some other more worthy opponents in that department!

Saturday morning and we are into Day 2. Let's hope today was better than yesterday….not!! OMG! What am I doing?! At least Jack shot better. My rifle is doing something weird as well. Lol! Despite me being weird.

We took Aussie Drover (aka Moonshine), Alison, Mulga Bill (aka Waddy) and Kathy to Chili's, where we all had dinner. Good meal, chit chat and b.s!

Another early start to the day and we are into Sunday – man on man/cowgirl on cowgirl/anyone can shoot out! Congratulations to the Cowgirls, 1st Place, 'Mesa Belle' and 2nd 'Kitty Carbine'. For the Cowboys, 2nd Place 'Twelve Mile Reb' and 1st Place 'Big Iron Buster'.

Check out the two Confederate braced Cowboys. Cobra Cat and Jackaroo and they were up against each other in the 'man on man'.

'Cobra Cat' and I took Top Gun Cowboy and Cowgirl,

Posse 7? Well everyone in our Posse took a placing and prize!!! So we made sure we got a group photo, some are a little hard to see, but every one of us in Posse 7 left with a trophy. Thank you to all the wonderful cowboy and cowgirl shooters of our posse, it was a pleasure to shoot with you.

So at the end of the day, the Colorado State Championship winners for Men's 'Cobra Cat' and for Ladies, our good friend 'Lefty Jo'. Congratulations to you both!


Look forward to seeing everyone down the trail heading to End of Trail and the World Championships, Good Luck to all!! A great big thank you to Kodiak Kid, San Juan and Hurricane Camille (and I know this is only a very small touch of the assIstants that helped put this match together!) oh, and Pinto Being for his not too bad shootin' but more so for his wit and cowboy poetry – mind you, for one of the quietest on the posse???



Kat xo



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