Revenge of Montezuma, Cortez, CO

It's been a couple of years since we last shot in Cortez but given we had people to see, gear to get to others from Aus, it was onto Cortez after Montrose.

Stumble Leena and Piedra Kidd always put on a great annual, this being their 15th. Of course there are many others of the Windygap Regulators who assist in putting on this great match also. A big hearty thank you to all for another good year.

The weather was hot and a little dusty as you strode across the range but then we wouldn't be cowboys without the sun on yer brim and dust in yer nose!

Friday was side matches and according to the end results today I won two of the side match stages and Jackaroo the third! Luscious fudge of different kinds were our reward…….hmmmm I can feel more workouts coming on already!

Cowboy Clays were won by Cerveza Slim and Lucy Trigger.

Katie Younger from QLD, Australia, on stage 2.

Saturday came with first day of 6 stages. Had some awesome stages I should be proud of and then came the dreaded 11 stuck in the rifle. (Duh duh daaaaaaahhh) – note this should be said with evil intent or like the sloth in the movie, The Croods.

Mulga Bill, QLD, Australia and Jackaroo, QLD, Australia/OK, USA On stage 10 at the loading table.

Jack had a great day, only a miss and a bobble on one stage.

Anywho, today was indeed another day! The little prairie dog got me, 1 pistol shot that's it. Jack had a miss but overall a good finish to the weekend,

We shot the team match with Mulga Bill, KC Woody, Jackaroo and I. Well, suffice to say the team of SASS Kicker, Cody James, Twelve Mile Reb and San Juan kicked our butts. But that makes the scoreboard even anyway with 2 to Aus and 2 to US.

Clean Match Aussies were Mulga Bill, his first ever! Coyote Baz, Mystic Meg and Lazy Dave, I think another one or two but these guys were from our Posse.

Posse 1 consisted of Aussie Drover, Capt Woodrow C Kelso, Card Killer, Coyote Baz, Grizzly Grumps, Jackaroo, Kathouse Kelli, Katie Younger, Lazy Dave, Mulga Bill, Mystic Meg, Pecker Bird, Private Pappy, Robb & Co, Skagway, Tehachapi Hornn, Texas Banker, Utah Bob and Willy B Shakin'.

Posse 1!

We had a ball of course and Capt Kelso is always hilarious. See a video of him on the FB page.

Plenty placed or won and was very happy to see Katie and Robb take home a plaque each given its their first trip over and their first match here. Yippee! 🙂

Wrap up for the Aussies. Jack finished a very credible 6th place, Mulga Bill 10th, Kathouse Kelli 22nd, Aussie Drover 24th, Sam Balin 25th, Sunrise Ned 33rd, Phillips 34th, Lazy Dave 41st, Mystic Meg 43rd, Grizzly Grumps 46th, Robb & Co 47th, Section Hand 50th, Johnny Reb 53rd, Ruff Anreddy 57th, Coyote Baz 59th, and Katie Younger 72nd.

Here's a pic of all the Aussie competitors, oh wait, of course Sam Balin buggered off somewhere and so he is not in the pic.


Tonight some of us are headed to the Main Street Brewery. What a great way to end another good weekend in Cortez!

Now it's on to EOT! See you there.

Kat xo



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