Heading to Albuqurque

An early start out of Cortez this morning we headed for the 550 just South of Durango.

We went through a few little towns and into New Mexico we came across Aztec – your four corners playground, was the advertising. It was quaint and has a little historical museum and a gorgeous mural of buffalo being herded through town.


As we headed out on the open road we passed Angel Peak. Then Turtle Mountain (think it was mountain, remembered the turtle bit).

The landscape is changing fast from the Colorado trees and mountains to rock formations, flats and scrub.


We are going via Cuba! Lol!

Not much through there. Anyways made it into Albuqurque, changed and headed for the range, we are checked in, damn hot, off to Motel and settled in for the week.

End Of Trail 2015, bring it on! Hope everyone has a great match! See you on the range.


Kat xo



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