EOT 2015: Day 2. Main Match

After a brief moment of rain last night, it's not enough to settle the dust but brought clear skies and a breeze to the start of Friday.

Today we are on the mid shift starting at 10.30am and will do Stages 9, 10, 11 & 12.

Well, we did well, one miss today for me 😦 but we know rank points can change everything. Jack had a reshoot and remains clean.

Tex said this is his first selfie, somehow I find that hard to believe! He's a hoot!

Tonight is Saloon Night, so it's back to the Motel to change and come up with something to say for the Daggers and Derringers contest.

There were 6 soiled dove/saloon girls entered in the contest with a further 5 entered for the Parlour House Madam's.

As it turned out after giving my 'story' as contestant #2 I managed to win 1st Place and a Derringer!

Photo courtesy of Nellie Blue, effects by me.

For the Parlour House Madam's was my friend Texas Flower! So we had a picture made together. She had the best story ever and a couple of great accoutrements to compliment both her story and her look.

Think this was Nellies pic too, effects by me.

Time for bed, early to rise in the morning and be on range by 7am. Night!

Kat xo

Disclosure: this story was written for and on Friday, 26th June 2015. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by not airing this at the appropriate time.


Haa haa haa! Enjoy.


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