EOT 2015: Day 3. And So It Goes

Day 3, last four stages, this is it folks, this is what will make Cowboys and Cowgirls, nationally and internationally stand up and shout for joy or slump their shoulders and just go 'oh well'.

Soooo, we head to the range proclaiming how it looks a little grey but no rain expected until midday and feelin' pretty lucky about the early shift.

We are entertained by both good

Tom Payne playing harmonica for us this morning.

hee hee hee, and….bad!

Lazy Dave and Grizzly Grumps from VIC, Australia, hamming it up in their union suits. Said it was too early to get out of bed.

No words could describe the disappointment with the weather man when it started pelting down like cats and dogs and small hail to add to the terrible conditions that had set upon us!


BUT Cowboys are tough, we've shot in ankle deep water, snow, high winds and heat before – so really a little rain wasn't going to stop us but would certainly make us think about our footing and perhaps make these 4 stages a little slower for us than we would really like. Hay went down in areas where required and on we went.

Oh these poor baby birds were in the barn, hopefully mamma will be back.

It's beautiful out now!? So good luck to the other 24 posses shooting in fair weather.


For now, it's beer o'clock and get ready for the banquet. Tonight is costume contest, dinner, dancing and the announcement of Top 16 Mens and Ladies for the Shootout tomorrow.

Good luck!

Kat xo


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