Back to OK

It is the end of the trail….at least for now.

We celebrated Trooper's birthday last night at Pizza Barn in Edgewood. Yum! Bloody sensational pizza! A busy little place.


This morning it was of for breaky and then left them to get on the road back to Edmond. For them they head back through to Utah.

We took turns in driving and got through to the cars in the dirt just west of Amarillo. A Route 66 tourist attraction for many years we have finally, after a few times of driving straight past, managed a stop!

Someone gave us their paint can before they left which was great and we handed it on also.


I did however, find it a little disappointing to see plastic bags and numerous empty spray cans left on the ground around them šŸ˜¦

It is however interesting to see over all the years, the amount of built up paint, the textures and multitude of colours makes for a pretty spectacular and unusual art piece.

It's very green coming back through the panhandle of Texas and into Oklahoma.


We are home, 101F, its maintenance day for the pool and the air con has been off for the 3 weeks! Hope it cools quickly!

Kat xo



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