Happy 4th Of July!!

Other than today being my birthday, (changing from a 44 special to a 45) it is American Independence Day.


We started the day with going to the Libertyfest Parade in Edmond. For an hour and a half with packed streets we watched participants, from School marching bands, bank floats, church groups, cars, emergency services to the Shriners. I've decided their group is obviously for men that have Peter Pan syndrome – never grown up – they have all the toys in the world to play with. Anything from cars, to 3 wheel bikes, the big wheel low bikes, small cars, dune buggies, you name it.


Later in the early evening we were back out and up to the University grounds for festival and fireworks. A walk through the grounds to the vendors found only 1 hot food vendor with a massize waiting line. It was quicker to go get take away and get back to our parking spot than wait in line and hopefully we have a quicker get away once the fireworks are finished.

So now we wait, 29 minutes left til fireworks go off. Sounds like it will be similar to Canberra's Skyfire with the fireworks synchronised to music.

They were worth the wait, fantastic, some massive ones that set car alarms off, and some fireball types – bombs bursting in air…..


Happy 4th of July America!

Kat xo


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