Deadwood, South Dakota

Today is spent travelling up to Deadwood. It is amazing to see how it sits in the gully with surrounding hills and steep streets and really makes you wonder how they ever got in and out of here by horse.


We marvelled at the beautiful buildings, took in some of the history but there is lots of gambling in the hotels now and when you walk in, thats what hits you. It's hard to find the restaurants! (That's my opinion anyway)


For an area steeped in history, perhaps I was a little disappointed but still thoroughly enjoyed it.

We had decided to wear jeans, shirt, cowboy hat etc for the day when our original plan was to wear full 1880's gear. This week is the lead up to the Sturgis Rally and we felt a little out of place. 😦

There are bikes everywhere and what a beautiful spot for them to ride through in and around the Black Hills!

Highlights were the original site of the Saloon at No.10 where Wild Bill Hicock was shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall. We went into Seth Bullock Hotel as well.


Lunch was had at Mavericks, partaking in their signature cocktail the Hairy Buffalo, I'm sure that is going to sneak up on me later, ie; sleep in the car.


Next we headed to the Adams Museum and then a South Dakota thunderstorm hit! Absolutely bucketed down with rain. As it eased we went back up to the Main Street and found Midnight Star. The hotel owned by Kevin Costner that has collections of movie posters, photographs and costumes worn in many of his movies.


Back to Rapid City to find the laundromat, another storm hits while there, this time with hail and plenty of it. Probably lasted a good half hour.

End of a weary legs day.

Kat xo

July 27th, 2015


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