Trip to Rapid City

Sunday and back on the road. Today we have left behind our Wyoming friends and heading North through to Fort Laramie before arriving in Rapid City for the night.

There is not a breath of wind and the landscape looks like someone has taken a knife and knocked the tops off the mountains.


Mmm Museum closed, no sign of a Fort so onward we go heading for South Dakota.

Went through the very small town of Lusk and crossing the border into South Dakota. Another change of scenery as we came to the beautiful Black Hills.


Arrived into Custer and in search of the museum I want to visit for costume inspiration for Tacky Jackie. Should have gone to the right……

We ended up at a little old frontier town museum at Four Mile, a ghost town by name of Moss City. The town was to have its name changed and after a period of time they found the title had never been changed. Four Mile was kept and Moss City became a ghost town as such.

We took a little tour of this museum however it does need some care and refurbishment.


An interesting fact from the stockade – Apparently buffalo soldiers got their name because their curly hair reminded the Indians of the curly hair on the shoulders of the buffalo, hence the name – Buffalo Soldiers.

Anyway, coming back in through Custer saw the Courthouse Museum which definitely looks more like where this gown would be found but we needed to get to the hotel. I WILL get back to that Museum though before we get out of Rapid City.


Kat xo

July 26, 2015



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