Yellowstone National Park

Into Yellowstone National Park we head, winding through some spectacular scenery and hoping for a day of wildlife spotting!


We passed Sylvan Lake where a deer was down at the waters edge.


The smell of sulphur is starting to permeate the nostrils as we get nearer to Yellowstone Lake. We stop at Steamboat Point for a view of the steam rising from vents in the rock. You can hear it escaping. The water is absolutely crystal clear.

We stopped at the Dragons Mouth and Boiling Cauldron and it's a pity I can't turn photos into scratch and sniff, the sulphur is rank, I'm sure it has some healing properties right?!


Then!! What we've been waiting for, a buffalo out on his own taking in the fresh air lol!


As we rounded the bend after, we got the whole herd! Excited much!


A truly magnificent sight!

The next lake scenery changed again. Still waters with four white swans gracing it that slowly changes and flows into rapids.


Continuing to Canyon Falls, spectacular, spectacular! The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone!


Saw a few more deer and more herds of buffalo before making our way out the North eastern entrance of the park. We hit Silver Gate and Cooke City in Montana before back into Wyoming's Shoshone National Park heading back to Cody.

Didn't get to see any bears or moose but there is always tomorrow!

A long scenic day!

Kat xo



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