Yellowstone Day 2

Driving into the park this morning we round the bend on Sylvan Lake and it is literally like glass.

The park is beautiful and covered in wildflowers of various shade of white, yellow, red, pink, purple to blues.

Yesterday I found there is an app tour guide that you can get, so remembering to download it this morning we now have our own in car tour guide by GyPSy Guide.

So we hit the Grand Loop and our guide starts telling us where to go, nicely. Lol!


This is a fantastic app. Gives you information for points to stop, scientific, physics and geological information as well.

Our first stop After crossing the Continental Divide again is Kepler Falls.


Our guide suggests a stop at Lake Village and a visit to the historical Lake Hotel that was built in 1890. Are we sure glad we did the detour! It's huge and grand in its decor. And there are cabins and a whole other separate wing you can't see in the photos. Small balconettes were added to windows at the lake side and for many years it was referred to as the Lake Colonial Hotel. In 1929 the dining room and sunroom were added.


Onto West Thumb Geyser Basin we go to view bubbling holes of spectacular colour that sit right beside the lake. Back in the day the guide said that fisherman were known to catch a fish from the lake, swing around and drop it in the boiling water beside it.


From here we headed along the route learning about thermal springs etc and made it to Old Faithful Geyser. Just in time actually to grab lunch and watch it blow! They said 1.30pm give or take 10mins. Well some small eruptions from 1.20 and sure enough spot on 1.30pm it goes off for almost 2 mins. Amazing! Steam and boiling water shooting up to 100ft in the air.


Now the guide had also said we should go stick our head in the Old Faithful Inn and at the last minute we turned into the car park to run in and see it. Another glad we did moment! This is like the ultimate of log cabins!


We headed North stopping at Biscuit Basin, Firehole Falls and back along past the swimming hole along Firehole Canyon Drive.


We reached Madison and turned around to start our trek back south and down through Grand Teton National Park to Jackson. Heading back past Kepler Cascades and still in search of wildlife, I did get to see a wolf! But no turnouts to get a pic 😦 We didn't see any other wildlife today other than little birds but it has been an incredibly colourful day that's for sure!

Kat xo


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