Jackson Hole, WY

Spent two nights in Jackson and a full day of just walking the streets, wandering in and out of shops. It really was just a nice casual couple of days.

Jackson has a town square like a lot of old town districts in other places. Jackson however has its four unique arches at each corner entrance. A popular tourist photo destination.


The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is a must to stop at. We ate there both nights.

If only to partake in the bar, grill, beer, and sit astride one of the saddle stools at the bar. Or you could play at one of the pool tables. Jack beat me real good this time.


The Cowboy Bar has a restaurant downstairs also and is renowned for its line dancing and entertainment. In the past they've had Hank Williams Jr., Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings to name but a few!

Is was one of the recommended places to eat by the hotel owner, as well as 'The Local' and 'Town Square Tavern'.

We met a couple of young Aussie's from the Central Coast in the Tavern around lunchtime, heading off to Vegas for the 2nd last leg of the their East to West coast experience.

There are endless places to eat though and a stack of art galleries, shops and souvenirs to take in. We were within walking distance of the town square but Jackson is quite a big place and there is lots to choose from.


And then there is the unusual fur purchases. Anyone for beaver underwear?!?!


This place must be jumping during ski season! It was busy enough now in the summer.


Kat xo

Mon 3rd Aug




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