Now We Are In The Evergreen State

A casual breakfast this morning and on the road again heading for Wenatchee. The views are changing again and over the hill we finally come into the reason this is called the ‘Evergreen State’.


We visit the town of Leavenworth, a Bavarian Village just north west of Wenatchee. The inner child has come out! It’s like a little Christmas village in itself! Would love to see it at Christmas time.

The artwork on all the buildings is just gorgeous and all signs, even Macdonalds, Subway, gas station etc are all old style Bavarian scrollwork etc.


Of course where would we be without a visit to the Kris Kringle Christmas shop! We spent nearly an hour in there and had to get out. Too many choices, can’t make a decision. They are the biggest Christmas decoration store in Washington state and possibly the biggest in the Pacific West.


Then where would you be on a hot day than in the beer garden at Icicle Brewing Company, getting samplers of their different ales.


Crosscut Pilsner – Golden and suave

Bootjack IPA – hoppy and composed

Dirtyface Amber – malty and unadulterated

Dark Persuasion – German chocolate cake ale

Yum! What else would you do on a hot day in a Bavarian village right?! OMG! Of course the Dark Persuasion we had last was divine, dessert in a beer. Awesome!


Oh and by the way there is an Australian Store here! Check it out $7.99 for Tim Tams and $11.99 for the jar of Vegemite plus tax! Anyway we had a good chat with him. And no, did NOT buy Tim Tams, they stayed there at that price.


Onto München Haus for German sausage and another pint of Dark Persuasion. Chicken with basil and garlic for me and Curt’s Currywurst for Jack. Sensational!

Then it was a quick trip to the Nutcracker Museum. As you do! There is anything from current day to antique, original to civil war series, scouts, Cowboys etc. from centuries old artists, many dating back to as early as the 14th century. Just incredible.


Of course it couldn’t be left without finishing off with ice cream and they had licorice! Oh yeah, black tongue, lips – had to be done!


A little bit of Bavaria!

Kat xo


P.S. it didn’t take long to wear off, was gone before we got out to the range!,_Washington












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