Thunder and Brimstone

Let's start by saying thanks to The Apple Valley Marshals for putting on a great match for the SASS 2015 Northwest Regional in East Wenatchee, Washington.

This years match was based on the John Wayne film, Big Jake.

Well pilgrim Thursday was a hot, hot, hazy day, “still, that's the only problem” We headed out at midday to watch the last of the warm up posse's get through and then at 2pm we commenced with 4 stages of Wild Bunch.

“This will take a harsh and unpleasant person” for the task. It was hotter than hell but we had 3 posse's of keen, sweltering shooters that buckled up and had a great time under the direction of Sunrise Bill.


“I go with the sheep” on Friday and with an early start (hopefully avoiding the majority of the heat) we get into our first 6 main match stages. It was pleasant and cool in the morning “dog” but there are fires in the areas north of us and the smoke is blowing in, making the view of Wenatchee close to zero visibility.


The heat wasn't going to stop us, “not one bit”. Back to the hotel for a swim! That night was a potluck dinner and the soiled dove contest which quite “proficiently father” raised money for the SASS scholarship.

“The hell there aint “ a better posse we could have been landed with. Cowichie Kid, Fire Opal, Helena Bucket, Jack Straw, Jackaroo, Jocko, Joe Cannuck, Kathouse Kelli, Pedernales Jake, Primrose n Proper, Reo Diamond, Robert I Plantem, Ronghand Wright, Rusty Wood and Texas Cherokee. We all worked, all shot well, laughed much and had a great time meeting new cowboy's and cowgirl's.


“Not hardly” finished and we are ready for another fabulous lunch by Grill Master and plenty of visiting with folks before we headed back to the hotel to cool off and get ready for the banquet.

In our finest, the banquet got underway with costume contestants appearing before the judges, drinks with friends, friendly banter and practical jokes. We tucked into a beautiful banquet consisting of salmon, ribs and trimmings.

Side matches were then awarded along wih costume, both working costume and best dressed. Jackaroo won Best Wild Bunch Costume for his Rough Riders outfit, Best Dressed Lady for my blue and grey walking dress and one for Wild Bunch overall ladies – I think I'm going to enter the men's traditional at smaller shoots as I don't have many fellow Lady Traditional competitors. Congratulations to JT Wild, Men's Overall Wild Bunch.

Clockwise from top left: El Gordo Hombre as Big Jake; Jackaroo; Kathouse Kelli & J.T. Wild; Saginaw Sue & Wild Horse John; Sly Puppy & Jackrabbit Joe; Twelve Mile Reb & Agnes.

We both made it into the Shootout for Sunday morning, however that was short lived. Too funny.

Congratulations to Fast Enough and Belinda Belle for taking out the Top Gun Shootout honours.

Lunch, prize draws and awards followed. I placed 1st in Lady Wrangler with congratulations to my fellow competitors in 2nd place, Tillie Dyes and 3rd place, Sandy Charm.

First cowboy overall and NW Regional Champion went to Lunger. First cowgirl overall was myself, Kathouse Kelli, with the delightful little Ivy Hills the ladies NW Regional Champion for 2015.

Again a huge congratulations to all involved.

Kat xo

The lines I couldn't work into my post?

“Dead? The next person who says that I'm gonna shoot, so help me.”

“Newspaper clippings. I killed a man for newspaper clippings.”

“I'm gonna blow your head off.”

And 'dog' was the line for two stages.

Sun, Aug 16,_Washington

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