The Home Run Into OKC

An early start as we depart Wild Horse John and Saginaw Sue and head out on the i80. Still travelling with yesterday's bugs on the windscreen we go towards the first Pony Express station on our way home at Julesburg.

Unfortunately a tad early for the Museum to be open but found the marker at the relocated depot.


Onto Ogallala, the cattle town where Longhorns were herded along the Texas (Western) Trail. A quick stop at Front Street, Cowboy's Rest and The Crystal Palace.


The Crystal Palace have a revue every Mon – Sat night from Memorial Day to around second week of August, featuring all high school performers and it has been running for some 51 years.


There is a free museum attached which houses anything from the old west, early land owners, World War I etc. these hats caught my eye but I couldn't find why they came into being. Cowboy Country Mural, Harvest Gold and Brim Town.


We made a quick trip to Boot Hill (and exited) and saw some of the remaining markers and The Trail Boss sculpture.


Onwards we go wih the next stop at Buffalo Bill's Ranch, well a side step via Fort Cody as we come into North Platte.


Then out to Buffalo Bill's Ranch – Scout's Rest. A spectacular house built in the heyday of his famous Wild West Show in 1886. Today the house, outbuildings – including Ice House, Cob House and Spring House; and the barn are preserved and cared for by Nebraska State Parks.


Next was Gothenburg, yep still the same day…'s gonna be a long one.

This Pony Express station was moved from 24 miles west of here off the Oregon Trail.


Midway station still remains on its original foundations just 2 miles south of town. This one only lasted 18mths in history before the telegraph changed everything. As we know, Buffalo Bill Cody was a pony express rider back in the day.


There were only 80 riders to carry mail for the Pony Express, the youngest being about 11 years old. They earned $25/week which was a very good wage back then. The equivalent to around $500/week.

Now we are blowing through Hwy183 South through rural Kansas – literally – it's windy enough to blow your dog off the chain! Soon we will hit the I70 and be back in some state of civilisation other than vast farms and oil mules.

We made it safely… Hays. Another 6hours is too much this evening.

Kat xo,_Colorado,_Nebraska



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