What Took 4 Weeks Now Takes 3 Days

The start of the long journey back to Oklahoma City, we leave Washington back through Leavenworth for coffee break and on out of Wenatchee – in a roundabout way – ending up on Highway 2 around the back of the mountains.

High desert they call it. It's still filled with smoke haze, fields that go on forever, freshly tilled or cut, dust devils and then a tiny town appears out of nowhere.

Back into Idaho and we pass Lake Coeur d'Alene. What a spectacular view! Water sports and fishing are the go here. They won't show up in the photos but some docks have that typical boathouse structure at the bottom of their properties just like in the movies! 🙂


Made a coffee stop in a quaint little ex-silver mining town of Wallace. The Red Light Garage with its eclectic interior serving just about anything in Huckleberry so I'm guessing they are plentiful here.


We took a quick drive down the street to get back to the freeway and wish we had have had time to stop at Oasis Bordello Museum. Lots of nice looking old hotels as well and then the 50's styled neon lights of the Stardust Motel.


We're almost out of Idaho now and over into Montana heading towards Butte but made it as far as Missoula for the night.

Today, Thursday, we hauled ass and really have only seen the inside of the car, the back of our eyelids and plenty of smoky haze as we left Montana and into Wyoming.

Tonight we are staying wih Wild Horse John and Saginaw Sue and then hit more of the Pony Express Route tomorrow.

Night peeps!

Kat xo

Aug 20th




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