Today is the day. We depart for Australia home.

We are leaving Oklahoma on a beautiful sunny 80 something F day. 33C in our scale.

A quick 3 hr trip down to Dallas and the DFW airport for our departure later this evening. We will lose a day and be back to the future! (Leave Monday be there Wednesday in 16.5hrs)

The past couple of weeks since we got back from the last trip have been busy in preparation – sewing, sewing, more sewing – complete (even though the doubters doubt lol!) actually and then some! Also did cutting out of future projects to eliminate the bulk in luggage, so I am actually ahead of schedule! Ha! Yippee! (And the picture doesn't show the half of it!)


We've done the weekly practice shoots and a couple club matches before hand. Took lunch out for the 60 club match shooters on Saturday and said our goodbyes.

For now it's time to anticipate catch ups with all our Aussie cowboy's and cowgirl's, friends and especially family.

I have no 'car projects' for this journey so will just have to start thinking about writing my piece on the construction of Texas Flower's gown.yeah, that should keep me out of mischief for a while. 🙂

See you on the flip side!

Love to all

Kat xo

Made it through he rental car returns, check in, baggage services, customs and sitting airside in TIGiN. Seems to be now our regular Irish Pub haunt when flying! Cheers!


And Tighin is pronounced Tigeen meaning small cottage.



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