Couple a days…

Well a visit to Canberra meant staying with Trailrider and Trail Boss in the nations capital area.

It was so good to see these guys again and really appreciate their hospitality as always. You are treasures.

Went for a trot around the streets for an hour getting some exercise in the morning with views across the paddocks towards Barton Highway in the crisp morning air.

We had a catch up with Curstin (my youngest daughter) who was able to get a couple hours away from the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) and come have lunch with us and chit chat until it was time to take her back. Was soooo good to see her again and meet the lovely Nick.


Today we headed out again, dropping by Trooper's (Constable Nelson) to pick up some much needed ammo for a club match at Newtec this coming Sunday. (Thks Troop) A pit stop at Trailriders workshop for lunch and we are on the road heading north 5 hours.

Battling our way through peak hour traffic it's on to Peter, Tighan and Scarlett (Jack's youngest son, wife and grandbaby #1) for the weekend.

Hope you are all having a great day no matter where you are.

Kat xo


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