Newcastle, Taree, Gold Coast

So the past week has been filled with a visit to Jack's youngest son, daughter in law and grandbaby #1 – Scarlett.

What an absolute hoot she is. Chatters away now like there's no tomorrow, a funny and well mannered little gem that was just sensational value to play with.

'Let It Go' is the flavour of the month as she prepares for her dance recital and can be heard at various stages during the day or heading out to feed the ducks. (Damn it, the good photo of her jumping in puddles is on my phone!)


Sunday also saw us shooting in the range at Newtec and catching up with some Cowboys and cowgirls from that area.


Monday we headed up to Mum and Dads for a visit in my birth town of Cundletown (Taree), NSW. Got some assistance from Mum in how to make lace on the embroidery machine and acquired a few new designs (think I have it sorted for your dress, Flower!).

Tuesday was then a quick 8hr drive up to the Gold Coast, stopping in at Macadamia Castle for fresh roasted macadamia's, the big prawn (will have to try and get pics of the other 'big' items around the countryside) arriving at Dug Deepa and Trixie's for a few days. Picking up gear from them and Mad Dog.


We have enjoyed their hospitality, dealt with mail, met new people and got a few chores done.

Tomorrow at sparrows, we will be up and at 'em heading out to Milmerran, for the SASS Australian Regionals.

In saying that, it is a late night/early morning bid adieu as I get ready for some beauty sleep and leave you lovely people wondering what the next week will bring.

There will surely be an update of the coming events but won't have Internet. So you will have to wait for the weeks results, pics of the range etc.

Ciao for now!

Kat xo



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