Chisholm Trail 2015

Chisholm Trail 2015 commenced this year with a changing of the guard due to health issues. It was different not seeing our usual patrons Morgan and Alvira there getting things rolling. However, R C Shot had stepped up taking on the task of Match Director and successfully saw it through.

For many years Morgan and Alvira have been the drive behind Chisholm Trail – Australian SASS Regional and what was once in conjunction with the Single Action National Championship. To ensure our sports succession into the future it will take people like R C Shot and many others support and assistance behind the scenes to ensure this game still exists.

I for one will definitely be contributing as much as I possibly can for years to come to ensure the growth of Single Action Shooting Australia.

Fast forward to the actual week. Jack and I arrived at the range getting set up in our cabin and set about helping where we could with both range prep, packs etc.

Sunday participants trickled in slowly, Monday bringing more in and the commencement of Long Range was underway.

Monday was also a large night of drinks and chit chats with folks,….. just as well it was only Monday…………..

Tuesday was a continuation of Long Range events and for some of us Cowboy Fastdraw and Buffalo shoot. A storm blew in but it certainly didn't stop people enjoying themselves.

Wednesday was time for Pat Garrett match and for those who may not know of this, the match includes use of a large calibre rifle 30-30 and above. Match categories are Mens and Ladies Modern Lever, Classic Lever, Modern Single Shot and Classic Single Shot.

Thursday rolls around to more spectacular weather and it's time for Warm Up Match, Speed Events, Hannibals Challenge and Derringer Match.

What a brilliant start to Chisholm Trail!

Thursday evening is also Saloon night, so there is bingo or poker games to be had. Five lucky winners won prizes at bingo and if recall correctly Kat Balloo one the poker challenge.


Friday begins the start of main match with Billy The Kid speaking on behalf of Morgan in his absence – we thank you Billy for making an excellent presentation. Blaze A Trail was awarded the Spirit of the Game Award and the lovely O.K. Carrol was this years recipient of the Palmer Kate Award. Congrats to both!

The Mayor of Toowoomba Region was invited to give an address and declare Chisholm Trail open wi a rendition of our anthem, Advance Australia Fair before turning it over to R C Shot for safety briefings etc.

La Chica Pistola (aka Sarah Jacob) of Gun Girl Downunder has spent a couple of days speaking with the ladies, interviewing and getting photos. She is writing a piece that will go into Aus/NZ Pistol mag or Shooting Australia and will feature the ladies of Single Action! Thanks La Chica it will be good to have a little exposure for Single Action Shooting! We look forward to you taking up this sport with us and seeing you on range real soon.


The first six stages were done and dusted with Jack dropping 1 shot on the last stage and I finished clean with a shotgun reengagement. All in all a good day!

Friday night of course is time for Redneck Games and Mary Lou July made an appearance rousing guests to laughter or disbelief! You never know what the rednecks will get up to. Mary Lou June was definitely missed as she was off in some 'glittery fairyland' place (Sweden) and Billy Bob May was also out of action.

Mary Lou July sent me a video that's up on Facebook if you get a chance to watch it – check out The Adventures Of Jack n Kat FB page for that one.


Congratulations to CTM who took out the redneck games cornhole toss this year.

Saturday and we are back into the last 6 stages of main match!

I was privileged to be a Posse Marshall this year with Match Director, R C Shot, our posse Ricochet (Jackaroo), Big Mac, Billy The Kid, Capt. Augustus McRae, Captain J C Jackson, Dixie Bell, Dug Deeper, Jack Hays, Mad Dog Tannen, Outlaw James, Rea Coyle and Rick O'Shay. Sharing posse duties with Posse 2's Posse Marshall Frank James, Bisbee Kid, Breedin The Kid, Cro, El Rio, Gypsy, Hannibal, Ruby Redsmoke, Trinity, Trixie, Whiskey Rae and William (Bat) Masterson. (Absent were Phil Graves and Sigaterror)


Saturday evening was Banquet night, some Side Match Awards given out and Top 16 Mens and Top 8 Ladies announced for the Sunday morning shootout.

In the final wash Jack had a P and an extra few misses, however he placed 19th overall and 1st in Senior category with Bordello Baz in 2nd and Deslaredo 3rd.


For me on the other hand, it was the 'if it hasn't happened to you already, it will one day' Stage DQ and to top it off a P and a miss on the final stage. BUT it is what it is! And despite this am very happy with my other stage rankings, finished 20th overall, 1st in category. Congratulations to my fellow Lady Wranglers, in 2nd Place Ex Sighted and 3rd Place, Amazed.

The Top Gun Shootout was won by The Terror for the Men's and Amazing Grace for the Ladies. The Open was won by The Terror and Ruby Redsmoke and the Australian SASS Regional, R C Shot and Amazing Grace. For full results check out the link below.


Congrats again to all involved in putting on Chisholm Trail, look forward to next years, Happy Trails pards!

Kat xo

Gun Girl Downunder

Chisholm Trail Results


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