Clarence Valley, NSW

After a brief stay at Dug and Trixie's getting washing and ironing done we headed for Lawrence in the Clarence Valley river district and spent a few nights with Paddlewheel and Emerald.

It was so good to catch up with them again after such a long time.

We caught the ferry across the river that afternoon to reach their place.

Drinks and stories ensued, as you do!

Thursday was a little overcast so I headed out with Emerald into Grafton, hitting the fabric shops during our excursion. Had the second roast pork for dinner in as many weeks! Spoilt much.

But not before the making of margaritas with pistol tequila Haa haa haa. I love the new circular couches that also swivel. They were good for movie editing and sipping on margaritas.


With the views to the river, the evening was topped off by a sugar cane burn. The photos don't really do it justice though.


Friday was a casual, get your exercises done, late breakfast kinda day. Watching the first qualifying round for Bathurst races in amongst Emerald and I cutting out corsets.


Now the evenings antics ramped up a little here as we caught the local courtesy bus to the tavern picking up another couple of locals before arriving at the waterfront Lawrence Tavern.

There's folks hanging out in 'Marlboro Country' aka the smoking corner and inside, the place is jumping with all manner of people. We ordered up a couple of beers and found a table.

Now when you order drinks you get a ticket to put your name on and it goes into the tin for a draw.

Crack me up, this is local Aussie flavour at its best. First draw done and old mate wins 10 schooners! A little later and 'Mavis' (a little lady in the bus group mob) picks a card from the board and wins 10 middies.

Lord only knows if she made it to the bus! Better catch the late one or shout the cane farmer, blackened wih soot, from the last burn or to the high vis clad guys from the ferry or farms.


I see the bar staff having a drink this side of the bar and assume their shift is done! That's what you get for good old 'locals'. Aaahhh what it's like to be back in small country towns, what an eye opener – you little ripper!

We thank our friends for their hospitality and today (Saturday) the trek south goes on. We will be in Taree again for a couple of nights, Newcastle and then Canberra again.

Stay safe!

Love Kat xo


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