Headin’ Down South

Back through Taree we headed via Mum and Dad's for Sunday roast. Caught up with my brother Chris, my cute little niece Milah, my cousin Craig and his lovely wife Fiona. Like I was only there yesterday when Fiona and I can just pick up and take off with conversations for hours.

Back down to Canberra again for appointments. Caught up with a few people from my old workplace – apparently I haven't changed a bit. Was great to see them and see some of the guys from the 'poo farm' (Sewerage Treatment Works).

Thursday 15th was Curstin's birthday, a 19th birthday lunch with her on base was a great opportunity to see her briefly again.

Saturday we started the trek to South East Australia. Travelling through Gundagai, we went past the Dog on a Tucker Box. Now this is an interesting poem/fable and part of Australian folk lore that was changed over the years.


Originating in 1830 by Bullocky Bill under a pen name of 'Bowyang Yorke' he wrote the poem and how the dog 'shat' on the tucker box – long story, check out the link for more info. The poem was then redeveloped by a newsagent/businessman and a reporter and then read 'sat' on the tucker box. This was now 1880 and this version featured on souvenirs and matchbook covers throughout the land. 1923 however, saw Jack Moses change it even more as he thought it was rude and crude. It was his version that became famous throughout the Australian bush and cities alike.


Then it was on to Wagga Wagga and caught up with my Rori boy. Holy Moly! Has he grown! I feel like a midget, lol!


Was so good to see him and get to chat with him for the day. Love you boy.

Then it was on to Wodonga, just over the border where we bunked down for the night. Started Sunday with a nice brunch at Cafe Grove and by mid afternoon we will be at Kaitlin's.


Kat xo

18th October


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