You know you’re in Australia when…..

You come across places like 'Jackass Creek', see oversized kangaroos, and where a 'pie n Coke' can have multiple meanings.

The great Aussie tradition of a pie and Coke – the tradies smoko, the halftime footy lunch, the hangover remedy (remember that one Dad!?!), or just a bloody good idea for an unhealthier version of a lunchtime stop when you have a pie shop staring you in the face!

Normally paired with a splash of 'dead horse' (slang for tomato sauce/ketchup), this Aussie delicacy is favoured by most. I went for the steak and mushroom variety while Jack took in a curried steak.


I must say Beefy's of Gympie, outstanding!


Kat xo

10th December, 2015 (WordPress still thinks I'm in the States and its yesterday, so sorry if any confusion)


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