Bundaberg – Beer, Rum and Friends

It would be remiss of us to visit Bundy (slang for Bundaberg) without making a trip to the Bundaberg Distilling Company, home to Bundy Bear and Australia's famous Bundaberg Rum.


We are staying at my good friends Tania and Stephen and whilst they were working on the Friday I took Jack to the Distillery, past the site of a house fire (hmmm was in Wyoming the next one I was near……I promise I had nothing to do with them, just spotted them both times!!), Bargara to the beach and lastly, the Bundaberg Ginger Beer factory.


The distillery was great and the interactive self guided tour we took was sensational. When I last visited in 2010 this didn't exist!

The Bundaberg Rum story actually starts in 1888 when a surplus of molasses was turned into rum. We saw the beginnings of the immigrant Chemist, George Hurt's application, initially to CSR Sugar, ended up landing on managements desk at Milliquin Sugar Refinery. How fortunate they were and in 1949 he gained employment with the company.


George Hurt's work – of course along with many others since – was instrumental in the manufacturing of and improving the flavour of the famous Bundy Rum.


Did you know? That in World War II it was our American friends that decided Bundy rum was good with cola, and so began the Rum and Coke as a pre mixed drink.


I was so impressed with the 'Recovery Road' rum bottles, an initiative dreamed up by the BDC marketing team after the floods in 2013. Rum bottles labelled to honour 171 flood affected streets and a bottle given to every resident in those streets, the rest? sold to consumers and funds raised went back into the community.


Exceptional work!


Next, we made a brief visit to the Brewhouse aka Bargara Brewing Company and did the usual tasting pallet. They also do some great little pizzas here and is going to be a good spot for weekend lunches.


Paid a visit to Bert Hinkler's house in the botanical gardens. An avid aviator, Bert made a few world records, was a Sqn Leader and his English home was eventually moved from Southhampton, England – piece by piece – and reconstructed in its current location in the Bundaberg botanical gardens in honour and recognition of his time in the aviation industry.


Then came the rains, sampling of beers, trying to take selfies and enjoying great company.

Bundy it was good seeing ya again!

Kat xo

13 Dec

….it's been a hectic and interesting week and a half since this weekend. Thanks for being patient. Xo


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