What’s in a New Year?

Jack and I wish all our family and friends, near and far, a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! May 2016 bring you all the joy and blessings you deserve.


We spent New Year's Eve at Ripley with some of the Queensland cowboys and my little one – shooting 4 stages, enjoying dinner and drinks afterwards with a few ringing in the New Year with a black powder salute.


Our New Year will hold a healthier Jackaroo, more travel and living each day to the fullest. You never know what's around the corner so make each and every day count – 365 days for 365 new memories.

Use them wisely 😉

Love to you all

Kat xo


2 responses to “What’s in a New Year?

  1. Happy New Year from Las Vegas, Nevada Territory. Gettin ready for Yuma “Territorial prison breakout ” …. TwoShot said so ….

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