Australian Outback Spectacular

New Years Day and we went to the Australian Outback Spectacular, High Country Legends Show.

If you live in Australia or QLD or visit, then you really should at some stage take in one of the dinner shows, as it was shall we say, “spectacular”!


Now having been to the Dixie Stampede in Branson, Missouri our expectations were a little high but we were pleasantly surprised. It cannot be compared to the Dixie Stampede as they are both different shows but when you look at efficiency of service, food and entertainment as a whole, then the Aussie's faired equally.

A three course meal started with Roasted Pumpkin Soup, beautiful piece of rump steak, gravy, mashed potato, carrots, beans, corn and a roll finished with apple pie, cream and salted caramel sauce. Drink choices were water, lemonade, beer, and red or white wine.

Pre entertainment as we waited in the Brumby Bar was Reg singing Australian hits from through the years and then Bluey organising people by the colour of your hat band whether you were going to barrack for (blue) Bogong High Plains or (red) Warrego Station. So off to Warrego we went.


The show was great. Worked around a team from Warrego Station travelling to the high country down in Southern NSW and VIC for a camp draft, it was filled with Aussie humour, singing, trick riders, and stories about Tom Kruse who ran the mail contract through to Birdsville in 1947-1963, May Wirth who at 7 was sold to a circus, Bluey and his border collie dog Boof and the legend of the stagecoach to Omeo in the Victorian Alps.

The special effects were awesome, especially as they continued what was happening in the arena onto the (wall) big screen wih beautiful film footage and back into the arena again.


Congratulations R M Williams and the whole Outback Spectacular team, an awesome production!

You aren't supposed to take photos apparently even though it says in one spot on the internet, without flash. I truly couldn't help myself especially with the final piece and the Australian flag.


Cheers from down under

Kat xo

P.S. In the camp draft events etc, Warrego Station won! Go QLD.


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