Change of Sport

Last week before New Year we took some time out with the “kids” and went for a round of Putt Putt golf.


We had lunch at the tavern first and then hit the watercourse for some fun.

Well for 4 rather competitive players it was always going to be interesting from the outset.


It was a race at the start between Jack and Nick, Curstin and I later regaining a little (not really for me) with a 'hole in one' each.


We continued along the course completing silly putting requirements….


…and taking silly photos.


Jack soon took the lead, much to our disgust, shooting a total of '6 hole in one's' for the course.


The final result? 1st Jack, 2nd Curstin, 3rd Nick and yes, me, last. If I can smash it I'm fine, putting has never been my strong point.

A great day out. 🙂

Kat xo



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