Embroidery Think Tank

Embroidery – not easy just to find a specific pattern when I know what I want in my head.

A slight delay early in the week got me doing shotgun and rifle covers for 'Roy's Creek Dan' and 'Highland Scottie' (thank you for looking after the house) and of course I decide that Jack and I need some fancy ones too. Slightly sidetracked but had fun and they got done.


Patterns found and reworked for 'Pearl Starr's next outfit. Pattern decided and confirmed for 'Flirtatious Filly'. We are under way!

Then the elusive music notes for around the top of a corset for 'Singin' Sue'. Do you know how hard it is to find music notes? Plain, simple, separate, music notes of an appropriate size? Finally found 3 and managed to turn that into a suitable design, joining and turning some. Yeah…..that should work!


Then there is the smiley pocket triangles for 'Lil McGill' and her newest outfit. I changed the triangle again Mum 😉 (Note to self, check size against bought ones when get home, just to make sure right)


A half day fiddling after finally finding a pattern I am happy with for 'Texas Flower', Diary of Desire gown. It is different but similar in layout to the original, making it unique in its own right. After studying photos again, I have 4 different setups ready to produce the embroidery detail for this gown. Duplicate, cut, split, join, check, redo, save! Happy cowgirl.

Almost there.

Oh and throw in a couple sets of arm garters for 'Hondo Tweed' as well for good measure.


Yep, back into it! There in, ends that week!

Kat xo

(Tripping to Guthrie this morning 28th May)


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