Back in Oklahoma

It's been a whirlwind 4 days as we got back into Oklahoma.


A few days shopping, rejoining the gym, hitting Cabelas for reloading gear, Hancocks for fabric (still can't believe it's closing down! One of my resources at times) and today…..we got to shoot again with the Territorial Marshal's.

Forty three shooters turned up on a glorious day to shoot 6 cowboy stages and for a few keen beans a short 3 stage Wild Bunch Pistol match. Good to be using the 45 again and with the new “$2” front sight we will just have to see how it goes!

Not that it looks much now, it's been cut, ground etc but yes my new front sight (for now, hopefully it will stay, it has lifted slightly) is made from an Aussie $2 coin.


Oklahoma State Wild Bunch Champs are on in a few weeks and we have a few midweek practices as well before we head out to End Of Trail.

Catch ya

Kat xo


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