Good End To A Great Day

This morning we set out to the Territorial Marshal's club match, 3 posses, 45 cowboy's and cowgirls in total with a few onlookers/newbies including an Aussie and her husband would you believe!?!

We had a ball, 6 stages, trying out a new shotgun and using Jacks pistols all went well. Finished 3rd overall, Jack 5th.

My pistols have been handed over to Roy's Creek Dan for a total rebuild. They were second hand to start with, had an absolute flogging over the past 10 years (in particular the last 3-5years), looking forward to the next 10 with them!


This afternoon it was rest time, do a bit of computer work, cool down and then this evening we headed down to Bricktown, OK City and went to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill. A celebration in between both our birthdays as we often do. (Me on the 4th and Jack on the 18th)


We sat at the bar area, had big mugs of beer, chips and salsa and then an excellent ribs and chicken with coleslaw and fried okra – yes, we decided we would share – a damn good decision as they are big meals, all the while watching NASCAR in Kentucky. Yee haa!

Good day, great night, now for a cuppa and Cinge Tequila!

Night peeps!

Kat xo


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