Couple of Weeks

Haa Haa, I should say fortnight just to throw some off!

Actually it's probably been slightly longer than that… time flies.

Back into it, machine got serviced ready for action, back to the gym *ahem, coughs* after being at End of Trail was definitely needed!

We have had a couple of practice days and a club match thrown in for good measure with some pleasing results coming out of that but there is always more to learn and more to be done.


Now that the machine is back in action it has been knocking out some repairs and alterations, a few tops, another bright B-Western shirt and now back to corsets, bags, garters, bandanas, tops, skirts and more!

Yes! Back in my element again and loving the eclectic mix of colours and patterns again.


Have a couple of new bigger projects coming up too including an 1890's gown, sack suit/s and a Tom Mix tribute.

We also threw in a quick trip to the National Cowboy Museum to check out the Hell On Wheels costume exhibit. Real it was just so I could get pictures and drool over Eva's costume from Season 5 but we did see Cullen Bohannon and Thomas Durant's costumes as well. Looks like I have another project for Jack. 😉


Yee Haa! Have a sensational day people.

Kat xo


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