Gunfight In Dixie Warm Up

No video today except for my push-up challenge!


Jack and I had a pretty good run on the warm up stage and speed stages.

Looking forward to main match starting tomorrow.

Hot and humid, cloud cover can stay but hold the rain thanks!

Kat xo


2 responses to “Gunfight In Dixie Warm Up

  1. Happy Trails until we meet again, I’m going to WRRW in Michigan , labor day weekend 2017 hope ta shoot with you then Dice Stevens writes some great stages. I’ll request to shoot with you n man Jack just in case you make it to Michigan WRRW State Match. TwoShot

    • Next year Two Shot? We won’t be this year but not sure what the shoot plan is for next year yet past Winter Range, Land Run and EOT. Will look forward to seeing you again some place soon though. Hope you are well, hugs, Kelli

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