Gunfight in Dixie XIV, done!

What a great shoot!

We had a ball. Great stages, great range, awesome hosts! The shoot was based on Quigley Down Under. Yep, Tom Selleck, Australia, perfect really!

Besides the rain making everything a little soggy, this is a great range. Permanent facades with a lot of detail and thought adorns this neat little range.


There are signs and different bits and pieces that make the inside of the facades look like you walked back into time. Apparently the hotel has previously held poker games etc in it during the later evenings. It has lights and fans inside and tables can be set up in there.


Every stage had some cover, 5 have permanent cover and all have fans in them and at the loading tables.


Saturday night was dinner and side match awards, sitting listening, talking with different folks and drinking some of the purest white lightning I've seen or tasted at 95 proof.


Thanks to Hot Lead Lefty, Tennessee Whiskers, Cherokee Sergeant, Dew R Dye and all the Memphis Gunslingers and help, for hosting a great match!

We had a great Posse, with Cumberland Drifter, C W Knight, Tombstone John, our Posse Marshall Randy Saint Eagle, Dode City Dixie, Reno Mustang, Cullen Bohannon, Little JB, Ginderella, Jailbreak Jake, Johnny Tennessee, Mud Puppy, Silas Armas Aubrey, Tomme Gunz, Tennessee Pencil Pusher, Jack and myself.


Their top gun shoot off went well with a 10 plate knockdown rack for rifle, Texas star and dump plate for pistol and shotgun. I haven't got any pictures or video from that though.

Koda Joe and I won best dressed cowboy and cowgirl for the weekend. Congratulations to all the category winners and placers. Jack finished 1st in Senior and I was 1st in Lady Wrangler.


Top cowboy at the shootout was Slick Mclade with Dew R Dye taking Top cowgirl. Good fun!

The overall winners for this years Gunfight in Dixie was Blackfish Kid (cowboy) and Slick's Sharpshooter (cowgirl), congratulations!


Kat xo


2 responses to “Gunfight in Dixie XIV, done!

  1. Howdy Kat, always great reading your blogs. You don’t know how envious I am of you two over there travelling and shooting all the places you go. However I wonder how much of that 95% shine you had enjoyed when you wrote this one.
    Entertaining and enjoyable as always.
    Cheers and keep up the push ups.

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