Texas Bound

This past week has been flat chat, getting into sewing, reloading, friends visiting, shooting clinic, club match and a practice day thrown in for good measure! Take a breath……


Well now, it's the beginning of September and a fabric sourcing expedition had been planned with Shotglass and Green Eyed Gypsy in Houston. Where did the time go?!! So we are on the road to Magnolia, Texas to catch up with these lovely ladies and a few others!

We hit the road early and started the days trip, passing through Waco around lunch time, where would we be without a stop at Magnolia Market at The Silos! Fixer Upper, my most favourite DIY show with Chip and Joanna Gaines! We just had to make a stop there after seeing the progress from buying the silos to creating this market space.


The grilled cheese sandwich and coffee from the food van setup were sensational and we sat with a couple of ladies from Roanoke, TX Peggy and Paula. Peggy has a friend from Queensland! We chatted for a while about cowboy movies, Fixer Upper and their art! A lovely chance meeting.


Back in the car we kept on to Magnolia, (sheer coincidence) to Shotglass and Texas Jack Daniels home!


Yours in shiplap, tin, timber and more

Kat xo



P.S. As I post this this morning, the few others has turned out to be Squawty Bawdy, Justice Lily Kate, Aspen Filly, maybe Nellie Blue will meet up with us too!


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