Playing catch up!

Last weekend was fabulous, spending time with Texas ladies, shopping for fabric in Houston.

After being sworn in to the 'Royal Order of the Safety Pin' we headed out to the first stop – High Fashion Fabrics.


We lunched at Saint Dane's Bar and Grill after, then headed on to some more stores!


Got most of what was on the list! Win!

We spent two great days shooting with the Thunder River Renegades with some Mexican food and drinks thrown in for good measure.

Don't you just love TJD's new pinup shirt?!

Sunday afternoon it was back on the road to Oklahoma.

It's been head down, bum up this week and today we had the Territorial Marshals club match. Yippee! shot good today and so did Jack, we finished 5th and 7th respectively out of 55 shooters.

It's on again tomorrow instead of Wild Bunch, as we head for Sand Springs next week and the Oklahoma State Championships.


Kat xo


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