Into Maryland

We left the tree filled state of West Virginia and entered into Maryland.

A little more open ground between trees here. We made a stop at the welcome centre picking up brochures and more info on Civil War Trails and St Mary's City, the first capital in 1634!!

A quick pit stop and I'm met by a little squirrel, she looked as surprised as I did! I told her there were no nuts in the Ladies restroom! Haa Haa Haa ahh Haa ..l.ahem…..

Our continued beautiful weather has followed us from Oklahoma. Fingers crossed it stays that way.


Checked into the Motel in Hancock, MD and took a drive 12 miles South to the range so we know how far and where it is. Through winding twisting road, through sleepy little hollows, trees, creeks we made it out to Singing Hills Ranch in Berkeley Springs, WV.

It will be an interesting little match!


Wild Bunch and side matches tomorrow. Wherever you are and if you're shooting this weekend, keep your powder dry, may all your bangs go clang and giddy Up! (To steal a few of my favourite cowboy's sign offs!)

Kat xo


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