25th Anniversary, Appalachian Showdown

The CASS Inc. held their Appalachian Showdown Silver Jubilee (SASS West Virginia State Championships) this past weekend at Singing Hills Ranch, Largent, West Virginia.

Photos are from their display they had to celebrate their 25 years, they had a great lot of memorabilia.

Just outside Berkeley Springs, is this beautiful tree covered property with 8 shooting bays. Traversing the range is a workout in itself, but it's very well laid out with decks built in to set your gun carts on.

Friday the shoot kicked off with Wild Bunch in the morning. Four fun stages with about 17 Wild Bunch shooters taking on the challenge. In the afternoon we had a couple of runs at the side matches – Speed Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Derringer, Pocket Pistol and a one stage run.


Into main match day on Saturday, again the weather is just perfect for shooting, cool in the morning and warm during the day. Not a particularly good day for Jack but I was surprisingly clean! The targets seem somewhat smaller than we have been used to but mostly I think they are just out there a little further, I guess that means I must have been using my front sights better?!?


That night the banquet was on in Berkeley Springs at the American Legion. Great food! Side match awards were handed out and a great bluegrass band got some of the ladies up dancing and later the Class of '61 came through from next door in a Congo line!


Sunday was much cooler and took until after lunch to warm up some! Jack was clean for the day and I remained clean with a couple of hang ups. A neat little shootout with a Texas star, knockdowns and clays rounded out the match.

Awards were held with Jack finishing 2nd in Senior and 1st Place in Lady Wrangler for me.


Cody Walker was 1st Mens overall, West Virginia State Champion 1st overall went to Twin (who I might add, did it with one foot in a boot, he is one focused cowboy!) and a huge congratulations to Sunshine Marcie for being West Virginia State Champion and 1st Lady overall AND she got me in the shootout! Well played Cowgirl! There were only 3 rank points and 2.42secs between us. Also congratulations must go to Cody Maverick for winning Mens shootout. (My apologies, I didn't get any pics of the winners this time)

To Lady Benson and Texas Tom, for their amazing hospitality and property for the help they received from Black Orchid and Bobwire Brenice, Match Director – Punch and all the CASS Rangers, thanks for having us!

Kat xo


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