Meanwhile, Back in Australia

Jack and I have safely arrived in Sydney, to be greeted by Christmas cheer, Aussie themed.


Nice touch Sydney, thanks for welcoming us back!


Had a good flight, got in around 6.10am, through Customs at 7am, Jack a half hour later. Sat and relaxed with a latte and hooked up to wi-fi to check on the worlds coming and goings.

On the 10th November, 1938, Kate Smith sings a rendition of Irvin Berlin's, God Bless America, during a special Armistice Day broadcast and it was an instant hit. (according to google on this day in history, thought it was fitting)

On this day 10th November, Australia has awoken to the news that (9th November in USA) has Donald J. Trump winning the election for U.S. President. Indeed, God Bless America, make America great again.

We will pick up a hire car soon and be heading for Canberra, our Nation's capital to catch up with friends and family before making the trek north.

For all those 'cowboy family' we leave in the USA, stay safe, be proud, look after each other and prayers up for those who need healing. Our thoughts are with you all until we return.

Kat xo


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