Remembrance Day

We held our minute silence on Friday 11th at the 11th hour in memory of all veterans both past, present and across continents.

Saturday afternoon however, we took a quick trip to the Australian War Memorial in our nation's capital. This trip all I wanted to do was to at least see the Hall of Honour, the reflection pool and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


Simpson's donkey is covered in red poppies from the previous day's memorial service. A bronze tribute to John Simpson Kirkpatrick. Recognised for his bravery and compassion, he and his donkey carried water up to troops through Shrapnel Gully and many wounded soldiers back down to Anzac Cove.


The flags even seemed to fly with pride in the clear blue skies and moderate winds, against a backdrop of Anzac Parade, through to both the old and new Parliament house's.


There are many visitors coming and going as we make our way up the stairs and into the Reflection Pool area. The wreath's still lay around the pools edge, and it's really nice to see all the Australian native flowers used in many of the display's.


There is much chatter outside by some but I was glad that upon entering the tomb of the Unknown Soldier everyone was respectfully silent. This hall has always been my favourite with its beautiful stained glass windows, ornate ceiling, tiled pictures and reverent setting.


Out into the Hall of Honour the bronze name plaques are filled with poppies and soon I managed a moment of next to no one in these areas for a better photo.


Jack and I decided we should stick our heads in the main museum doors and were surprised by some very new artefact showcases and interactive displays! NOW we need to come again and spend the full day and a bit that it would take to see it again.

We spent almost an hour just in the first entrance to the ANZAC display.


Let us all be thankful for our men and women who have served and are serving.

Lest We Forget.

Kat xo

Nov 12, 2016


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