2nd Amendment Theme Park

I saw a picture on Facebook that said, “it's not a shooting range, it's a 2nd amendment theme park!” or words to that affect.

When you are involved in a shooting sport and especially one like Cowboy Action, that's what it does feel like! It's always amusing, we are always having fun, you gotta line up, there's rules and safety requirements and probably the only thing missing is height limitations!

Last weekend we headed to Red Castle and played up there, weather was sensational, with hints that summer is on its way.

Whilst neither of us shot particularly well that day, it's still a chance to test yourself, hone your skills and workout any issues – so it's not all about shooting clean all the time. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Today we went to play with the 1911's. Not a full Wild Bunch practice but the pistol is what I need work with anyway and that's the point. Practice on where your weakness is to improve your overall match. (Hope you're paying attention!?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was a little on the cool side after the cold front came through the night before but that's okay, hand warmers, gloves, extra layers – it's all good! Any day shooting is a good day – rain, snow or shine! Especially with the Territorial Marshal's as they are lucky enough to have facades that you can close up to the weather and run heaters should we require it! Feel pretty damn lucky to have the opportunity to call this a 'home' club when we are over here.


So from our theme park, to yours, whatever keeps you amused or wherever you may be, go get 'em pilgrim. (that last part was in my best John Wayne voice……in my head anyway lol!)

Kat xo


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