ITSASS Saturday

The weather has definitely cooled off here but Friday saw an unusual high of 82F/26C making it the perfect day for getting Christmas lights up as we prepare for a Christmas in Oklahoma.

Saturday we headed to Sapulpa/Sand Springs for the ITSASS club match. It was cold, scarf, gloves, coat definitely required!

Still, there were 22 cowboy's and cowgirl's that headed out for 6 stages. With some changes in the committee for the club, the stages were shall we say, a little different and old school.

Definitely had to use the front sights which wasn't such a bad idea and is a good idea to do every now and again!


Our friends from Kansas, Cooncan and Bertie Winchester had head down for the day so it was so good to see them and shoot with. We lunched afterwards with Hondo Tweed and Riverside Burns which was good as we haven't sat down with them in a while.


Sunday was a recoup day and get organised for the next projects – for me – amongst Christmas movies and cups of coffee! 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend no matter what you were doing!

Kat xo


Week Review

This week has flown by with an assortment of various activities.

Moving on with Belle's, Eva outfit, I worked out chain stitch embroidery using the machine and now I'm happy with where this outfit is heading! A little time consuming but it's giving the effect I want and finally got thread colours to match (not the ones in the first photo, that's a practice piece!)


A few more pattern matched corsets are under way, a black and white spot (although I was disappointed with the size of the spot when it came, could have been bigger)


We had Wednesday practice day which went well…….all except Jack's shotgun again!

Thursday was a full day at the range helping set up for Red Dirt. The stagecoach looks spectacular in its 'natural environment' so I myself am very pleased with the result. Stages look great and despite the rain early in the week, the weather is pure sunshine both for the pre-shooters and for the main match week. You're all going to love it if you're shooting it!

It's Sunday morning and you can tell Fall is creeping in. The sun is lower in the sky and the crisp morning air gives way to small patches of fog lifting from ponds and rivers as we drive NW to Sand Springs.

We shot 6 stages with 14 other cowboy's and cowgirl's – last chance for practice before the upcoming Regional.

Car projects keep me awake on the trip back with more embroidery prep. Pity I forgot the damn pins otherwise the trim would be pinned on top of a corset as well!!

Hope you've had a fun, relaxing and/or accomplished weekend!

Kat xo


Ruckus In The Nation’s

The SASS Oklahoma State Championship was held this past same weekend as Gunsmoke and as you know, Jack and I were able to pre shoot the previous weekend.

Happy to say that Jack won 2nd Place and OK State Champion in Silver Senior. I won 1st Place and OK State Champion in Lady Wrangler.

Congratulations to all the Cowboys and Cowgirls who attended and placed in their respective categories! In particular to C S Brady for winning 1st overall, Creek County Kid for overall OK State Champion and to Missouri Mae for winning Cowgirl and overall ladies and OK State Champion!


Well done!

Kat xo


Oklahoma State Championship

Representing the State of Oklahoma this weekend in the pre shoot – Jackaroo, Silver Senior category and Kathouse Kelli, Lady Wrangler category.


This is going to be an awesome State match next weekend and I'm sure glad now we decided to hang around and got to pre shoot. The rest of the Oklahoman's, some Texan's and a few from Arkansas are sure in for a good one.

Jack and I had good matches with the odd hiccup but the rest of the results will have to wait until the 120 shooters have played! 😉

After a quick change of ammo, clean guns, and pack the van we will head off to Kansas tomorrow. Tuesday we will head on through to Morristown, Minnesota for Gunsmoke!

Thanks KD Steel and the other ITSASS members for a great shooting weekend, all the best of luck to everyone this coming week.

Kat xo



2nd Amendment Theme Park

I saw a picture on Facebook that said, “it's not a shooting range, it's a 2nd amendment theme park!” or words to that affect.

When you are involved in a shooting sport and especially one like Cowboy Action, that's what it does feel like! It's always amusing, we are always having fun, you gotta line up, there's rules and safety requirements and probably the only thing missing is height limitations!

Last weekend we headed to Red Castle and played up there, weather was sensational, with hints that summer is on its way.

Whilst neither of us shot particularly well that day, it's still a chance to test yourself, hone your skills and workout any issues – so it's not all about shooting clean all the time. 😉


Today we went to play with the 1911's. Not a full Wild Bunch practice but the pistol is what I need work with anyway and that's the point. Practice on where your weakness is to improve your overall match. (Hope you're paying attention!?) 😉

It was a little on the cool side after the cold front came through the night before but that's okay, hand warmers, gloves, extra layers – it's all good! Any day shooting is a good day – rain, snow or shine! Especially with the Territorial Marshal's as they are lucky enough to have facades that you can close up to the weather and run heaters should we require it! Feel pretty damn lucky to have the opportunity to call this a 'home' club when we are over here.


So from our theme park, to yours, whatever keeps you amused or wherever you may be, go get 'em pilgrim. (that last part was in my best John Wayne voice……in my head anyway lol!)

Kat xo


Cold, Shoot, Wet, Shoot, More Cold

Why…..on a shot weekend…..does it need to be 30-48F/sub zero to around 6C.

Holy moly! Yesterday started off cool but pleasant, hmm not too bad we think, take jackets, hand warmers etc, all good.

A short time later, a slight breeze picks up – create wind chill.

The northern cold front moves in – temperature plummets again.

Add a little of that moisture stuff – yay drizzle as well.

Anyway, still had fun, 36 shooters, 6 stages shot, just meant a bit more cleaning of guns after and despite the fumbles had a respectable finish. Happy days! Thanks again Territorial Marshal's for a fabulous club match.


This morning we get up earlier – need to travel 2 hours to get to Sand Springs.

Again, cool but pleasant with hopes of it clearing. Scarf included in the mix of items today. Legs were warm yesterday so it's pants and chinks again – hmm toasty.

Have high hopes of cloud clearing and sun breaking through on the way. Just after Macca's picking up breaky, the sun is rising and I'm excited.

We get onto Zinc Ranch and we see 5 deer, (pic of 2 from the pack) and it's a great day to be here.


We end up with 30 shooters, 6 stages, a better day than yesterday shooting wise, really happy days. Great posse, weather consistently cool, everyone's rugged up and making sure all shooters are soon deposited back into their warm coats and gloves. Thanks to Indian Territory SASS for a great day.


Worn out, warmed up, nice and cosy. Hoping for some warmer days for Land Run! Less than two weeks to get your entries in, then another two weeks on til we have approx 300 shooters take part in this awesome event.

See you down the trail soon

Kat xo