ITSASS Saturday

The weather has definitely cooled off here but Friday saw an unusual high of 82F/26C making it the perfect day for getting Christmas lights up as we prepare for a Christmas in Oklahoma.

Saturday we headed to Sapulpa/Sand Springs for the ITSASS club match. It was cold, scarf, gloves, coat definitely required!

Still, there were 22 cowboy's and cowgirl's that headed out for 6 stages. With some changes in the committee for the club, the stages were shall we say, a little different and old school.

Definitely had to use the front sights which wasn't such a bad idea and is a good idea to do every now and again!


Our friends from Kansas, Cooncan and Bertie Winchester had head down for the day so it was so good to see them and shoot with. We lunched afterwards with Hondo Tweed and Riverside Burns which was good as we haven't sat down with them in a while.


Sunday was a recoup day and get organised for the next projects – for me – amongst Christmas movies and cups of coffee! 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend no matter what you were doing!

Kat xo


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