The Great Spaghetti Western

By definition 'a western film made cheaply in Europe by an Italian director'.


The GREAT Spaghetti Western however, was not in Europe but the great state of Texas (Leonard, TX) directed by the Texas Ten Horns.

A neat little range that is slowly growing. Great facades and buildings that allow for shooting under cover should the weather be inclement and a couple of open ranges. Plans are in place for expansion so we look forward to attending this range again!


Only a few hours drive, we arrived Friday finding the motel and the range without any hassle. We checked in and caught up with some cowboy's and cowgirl's, watching some already commence with side matches.

Stages were set simply with a great mix of target shapes and sizes. This was going to be fun!


Jack and I also got to meet these little treasures! We had met their Dad 'Texas Jack Diamondback' and eldest daughter 15yr old 'Darlin Diamondback' up in Thurmont, MD last year. Adding to the Diamondback family is 7yr old twins 'Dixie Diamondback' and 'Dazzlin Diamondback' along with 10yr old 'Daisy Diamondback' they are all just so sweet and I'm looking forward to making the little ones their dresses for End Of Trail. Now if we can just get Mom to shoot!! 😉


Saturday morning with safety briefing, pledge of allegiance and a spectacular rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Chiquita Bandita! Outstanding!

Five stages done by lunch time, everyone is fed, watered and released back into the field for side matches or just catching up. Of course where would we be without 'spaghetti and meatballs' for dinner!! Side match awards were given out also.


Then we caught up with Hawkshaw Fred and Annie D Vine and got to see the riding habit (previous blog post) in all its glory! It's perfect, fits her, length is spot on, I couldn't be happier – best of all was the smile on her face!

Sunday, last chance for another spectacular day with the Ten Horns. Five stages done and dusted! Thank you to our Posse Marshal, Billy Boots who headed up Posse 3 – Big Iron Patnode, C R Hicock, Colorado Jackson, Creek County Kid, Forty Dawg Kid, Highland Scottie, Jackaroo, K D Steel, Kathouse Kelli, Krazy Legs Kay, Lefty Wheeler, Longhandle Slim, Marshal Kidd, Red Knee, Roy's Creek Dan, Sassy Boots, Sharp Shootin' Leroy, Silver Sam and Snake Oil George.


Another spectacular lunch with Tiramisu cake for lunch dessert. O…M…G! Yum!

Raffle drawings and prizes were given away before and during the awards. I didn't get to see a clean match pin but the conchos given for 2nd and 3rd winners and the 1st place champion are a great idea for a change.

Congratulations to all cowboy's and cowgirl's that placed in or won their categories. Creek County Kid and Kathouse Kelli took overall honours for Men's and Ladies. Good work CCK!


Thanks again to the Texas Ten Horns – a great little match! If you didn't get there you missed out and should look to go next year!


'Once Upon A Time In The West'

Kat xo

Texas Ten Horns

Molly's Custom Silver (buckles and conchos)

Spaghetti Western pic found on Pinterest.

Spaghetti western definition courtesy of Google.


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