Convicts and Crimes

Well we all know that Australia was colonised by convicts in the late 1700's for some (my ancestors included) for as little as stealing a loaf of bread!

So getting on with it, we were introduced to a wine called 19 Crimes in Oklahoma of all places. A South Australian wine that I hate to admit, have never experienced in my native country of Australia!

Yes you heard it right. I have never seen this in Aus, although I will look for it when I go back because it's bloody nice! Our bottle-o (aka liquor store) up the road has 3 versions in stock. Red Blend, Cab Sav, The Warden Reserve. Thanks to San Jacinto Joe, Jack and I regularly partake in a tipple of 19 Crimes now.

THEN I get to the hairdressers this week and Jenny says “have you tried 19 Crimes?” and we have a whole discussion about this wine.

So wanting to confirm and find out more about the corks and the crimes listed I hopped over to google this arvo and checked out their site. Go have a look for yourself, even tells you about the convicts pictures featured on the bottles.

The corks have a number and the corresponding crime on it. For example #14. Counterfeiting the copper coin or #1. Grand larceny, theft above the value of one shilling.

Pretty neat! So I've been helping San Jacinto Joe finish collecting his 19 and Jack and I have started collecting ours.

Then I opened the reserve tonight to find #2. Hyde Park Barracks. Now I know this is in Sydney so this gets me to thinking that the Warden Reserve must feature the prisons that the convicts were sent to!?

Anyway, delish wine! Loving it! Check it out!

Kat xo


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