Hell On High

When in Tennessee……..and your searching for liquor………and you come across a 14%ABV beer, you e got to try it at least once haven’t you??!!?? 😂😂🤔

Come hell or high water we were going to try ‘Hell On High’.

A quad bock Belgian-style beer, the first thing I saw was the 14% label and knew we had to try it.

Second, I like interesting bottles and labels and this one certainly fit the criteria.

Of cloudy appearance, smooth to the palate, with notes of toffee and orange it is not bad. Now that’s only Jacks and my opinion as I have no idea the actual taste intent of the brewer.

I just wish I could see it in a clear glass instead of a solo cup but rednecks do as rednecks does! 😜🍺

Suffice to say, Hell On High is a warming pleasant experience!


Kat xo

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