Looking For Work!

In the hustle and bustle of moving and re-establishing, waiting for my machines, fabrics and more, I’ve been scouring the job sites and many agencies with no such luck so far.

They all want experience in this that and the other but I have so much to give and could do them and more!

Here’s my job request ad! Maybe this will spark some interest!

I need some work, I’ll do anything,

All you need do, is give me a ring.

I just need a chance,

Here I thank you in advance.

Tomorrow is not a given

So for 4 years I’ve been livin’.

Nows my chance to prove to you

Hire me! Won’t be sorry if you do!

Anywhere along the Gold Coast

As far up as the Sunshine Coast,

I’ll show up with a smile

Give you more than a mile.

My work dedication

Proven history is sayin’

A qualified ceramics teacher,

Cake decorating had a feature,

Then ActewAgl for collections by phone,

This is what brought me into my own.

Team player, individual, met KPI,

System development, gave it a try

Then Supervisor and Manager Acting,

I soon left Credit for a better thing.

Operations was next, liaising with all,

Contractors, staff, had an absolute ball.

Inductions, moved furniture, set up IT,

Reporting, planning, I loved it you see!

A diploma was given for advancement in skill,

Then a Cert IV, still going with will.

I moved into Safety and down to the dam,

The Cotter was growing and so was my plan.

I gained confidence and approval from all these tough blokes,

I assisted, cared and laughed with their jokes.

Front end loaders and moxies I wish I had driven,

But confined spaces, tower cranes with them I was smitten.

Down to the poo farm for the next role,

Not afraid to get dirty I would go down that hole.

You see an all rounder willing to learn,

Challenge me as I’ve energy to burn.

So here now again I must request,

Let me show you how I do my best.

If you read this all the way to the end,

Just give me a call or email me friend.

I’m willing to train and do a lot more,

Just give me a job I’ll be grateful for.

Got to get creative these days!!

Have a good one and make each day count!

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