House Moving

So here we sit in our awesome red chairs, pondering tomorrow’s moving of stuff, hanging of pictures and shelves to be fixing.

The house sit came to an end on Saturday as we said goodbye to Joe and began the next phase of the adventure.

So it has been an industrious and busy unpack, culling some things and freaking out over electrical appliances not working. Thanks Google, we fixed the tv!! Oh and a new cable helped also! 😂😂

We have stripped the auction chairs and re-oiled them and gave them new feet. We now just need a table to work with them.

I’ve given a large pot and umbrella stand (previous target plate and mannequin stand!) a revamp in Satin Lagoon, a new South Western feel with the terra-cotta.

We have created a gallery wall and hung the hat racks in the spare bedroom which is almost tidy enough for a bed now.

We’ve installed a bin drawer, glass/grocery shelves and put together a shelf cabinet for the wardrobe and more. I am the flat-pack queen! Might get a job doing this!

Jack’s organised the shed, put together the BBQ or grill, mounted a tv on the wall and drilled and screwed where things needed to go. It has certainly made it interesting with a number of walls being concrete.

We have done a shoot or two and I neglected to put up the one from couple of weeks ago. Had a blast!

Had a day out with the girls to Eumundi Markets through last week. Sensational day!

Hope you’ve been busy and productive!

Stay chilled and carry on!

Kat xo

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