While Jack’s Away, Kat Will Play

Well, Jack was heading to South Australia again and was a weekend of work for me. Yes, just one day off and working the job on the other 2 days.

Hmm now how much extra stuff can I fit in around a very short 4 day period.

As it would turn out and planning well and truly before hand. I got quite a bit done 😉😉

Last Thursday

10:30am dropped Jack at the airport

15:35pm finished work for the day

15:50pm have left Kennards hire with finishing gun in hand

16:40pm left Bunnings with cut timber but will still need to split panels further

Finishing gun – check, MDF panels – check, half round beading – check

19:30pm have dropped that load off at home, headed north to IKEA and arrived back home

This time I decided to shiplap the bedroom wall that we had been discussing but it wasn’t quite clicking with Jack. It’s all good, he’ll love it. Just do it!! 😂

The before – bed head and wall, wardrobe on one side (part of the wardrobe revamp soon, the boot corner, the ugly drapes and verticals

Thursday night – 02:00am finish

Room has been demolished, side tables out, boot shelf out, tv off wall, bed moved to middle of room, the wardrobe on that side has been emptied of its contents, shelf knocked out – that took a bit of work, ugly curtains down, pics off walls and start filling holes

Friday – 05:00 hours up and coffee injection, sand walls, more fill to holes, do washing

07:00 electrician rocks up on time – thank you EJ Electrical! Power point fixed, another installed for tv etc, into roof he installs another power point in wardrobe for future wardrobe remodel (hence why my ripping the shelf out the previous night) and for this trip he also fixes light to main bathroom vanity. Ahhh finally.

09:00 electrician gone no receiving messages from Jack to say guy is coming to pick up steel 😳 I was wanting to use that for straight edge to do my plank cuts 😩

After a few tries with first method I gave up on that and organised the table saw and drop saw for my work.

12:00 noon my room is prepped, studs marked, levels checked to cornice/crown molding, paint supplies brought in, nail gun ready, guy rocks up for steel and I encounter toad so I ain’t helpin’!!!

Finally! Now I can crack on with room!

I started on checking my levels as I added each row and yes, staggering them just as you would floor boards.

Surprisingly level at cornice before I started, continued checking all the way down wall

After a couple technical glitches, a phone call to hire place, a visit to hire place to replace finishing gun, grab more glue from Bunnings; I am back and into finishing this wall if it kills me!

Making a fine mess, but happy only 1mm out by the time I got to the bottom on right hand side!! Winning!!

Have I worn you out yet? 😂

18:00 I’m finished and in pool drinking beer. Jack’s talking about their day and asking about my sewing……. 😬

Off and painting! Dinner in between, pack up finishing gun to be returned next morning and I’ve run out of paint so that will mean a trip to paint store before work also.

Painting and run out

07:30am Saturday – was first one in the door at paint shop, dropped off finishing gun, and arrived at work with coffee.

12:30pmish – busted!

Jack wonders how paint is required for costumes lol!

A full busy day and I’m off again! One coat of paint, go cut out the “Wild Bunch” costumes I’m supposed to be making, dinner, another coat of paint, teach myself basic macrame for craft demo at work the next day.

When I told Jack I was doing macrame he just said ‘yeah right’ 😂 silly man he should know I’m going to fit something else in. Even if not practical.

Made the grey one the Saturday night, the others during craft demo in store.

So by 00:40am Sunday I have also wrestled with pulling apart old bed and put together new one for my weary head to get some rest before work.

05:00am a bit of sewing, hang two picture frames that were a birthday present that have been waiting for this wall makeover. Move bed back into place and make up fresh.

07:10am arrive at markets to pick up newly framed pic, head to Bunnings for brackets to put mirrored cabinet up and arrive at work dead on 08:00am

It was all a blur from there, the paint smell is going and room looks fabulous. All rubbish and old bed to trailer, there’s a job for the man come Monday. Saws are back in their place and floors are clean. Reinstalled tv and new bracket. Worked out my angle brackets and mounted mirrored cabinets in wardrobe. Happy days!

Sewing and believe it or not was in bed by 11pm that night.

Up at 06:00 to finish cleaning house before going to pick up Jack from airport.

Now I must make mention here not once yet since the paint acquisition has he asked what the hell am I doing this time! Lol!

Still in the car it has taken him until 10mins from home to ask what have I actually been doing and I just smile at him “you’ll see”

Now just take a moment here, we usually enter the house through the internal door from garage. Our bedroom door is virtually dead opposite…….

Someone goes in, head down getting his suitcase in and proceeds to walk through lounge to kitchen, and to spare room. Makes comment on bed and the just looks at me.

I take him back to the bedroom where he is pleasantly surprised and asks how and critiques my work but is super happy with it and proud of my handy work.

The finished product albeit, no trim work has been painted as yet, window treatments are yet to be done and also the flooring.

Off I go to work and when I get home that night Jack is very impressed with what and how it looks so all good people! Wait for the next project!

We sit and so use the rest of his weekend and just want to congratulate Dwayne and ZipThud Racing on an outstanding performance for your first crack at bike racing in a championship!!! Well done!

Take your pit crew anytime, it’s a nice turn around for you both since your days of going with your Dad to his motor racing events.

We can’t wait to get your pic printed up and off to the framer’s for in the study. He is super proud of you. Superb effort! You did spectacularly!!

Zip Thud Racing – Darrin, Dwayne, Charles and Jack (aka Dad, Brian, pit crew)

Anyway, back to the week of work, and sewing….didn’t quite get the costumes finished. That’s a whole other laugh or cry story.

Now we are off to Canberra for Wild Bunch championship.

See you on the flip side!

Kat xo

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