We Escaped!

To another state at least. Lol!

Jack and I headed off after the traffic on Thursday and headed for Taree. Hmmm we forgot about daylight savings so our extended breakfast at home before leaving put us there an hour later than we thought we would be.

It rained the whole way down so we were taking it steady anyways.

Good catch up with Dad and Mum and checking they are both well. Albeit brief, we hit the road again Friday morning to head for the Nation’s capital.

Surprise!, out of Sydney and new tunnel and we get more light rain. Hoping this is not a sign to come for the weekend.

We decided to make a stop for lunch in Berrima. To a pub we have been to a few times previous seemed like a good spot for a bit of grub and reminisce.

The Surveyor General Inn – Australia’s oldest continuously licensed establishment was first established in 1834.

Surveyor General Inn

It was built for a James Harper, using convict labour. The hand-hewn sandstone blocks make this a fabulous old building. You can only imagine that far back with all the bush surroundings, Cobb & Co stagecoaches with travelers and I wouldn’t mind betting the odd bushranger or two.

Anyway, we know a few cowboys and cowgirls who have trod the boards, spent nights in its rooms and the occasional beverage at this little gem.

The Surveyor General Inn continues to be a favourite watering hole of many, showing off her original features and decades of history.

Back on the track we made it to a sunny and warm Canberra. A visit to the range, we watched them finish side matches and caught up.

From top left: the nations capital, Parliament House, the needle as its affectionately called, Telstra Tower, needle and art gallery and the wind farm you’re having when you’re not having a wind farm at Lake George. Yes no lake either 😉

Off to Troopers we unloaded our gear for the days ahead and headed back out to catch up with my Rori boy.

We checked out his and Nikki’s new place to be and he made us dinner.

Saturday morning it’s bright and sunny and quite hot. An interesting start to the match as we try to relearn the .45 and find front sights! Okay now we’re on track!

It was supposed to be 5 stages Saturday and 4 on Sunday but given the weather was set to do its usual trick in Canberra (rain, cold etc) we did an extra stage just in case.

It was drinks, lies and pizzas for Saturday night before retiring early.

ACT Wild Bunch State Titles 2021

Yep, 7 degrees Celsius, raining and blasts of cool air. Thank goodness we took slickers and gloves. By 9.15am they are calling the match at 6 stages no we hit the road for home.

We stopped in for lunch with Pete, Tighan and the girlies and continued the wet trip home.

Seemed to take forever the last hour and a half of dry driving. 😳

What a great match, thanks Majura Rangers and the crew that helped set up, stage and pack away. Great stages, great company!

Thanks for having us and to our gracious host Trooper for putting us up for the couple of nights. Jack and I very much appreciated it.

Kat xo

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