Choose Your Poison?

And heeeerrre weeee go!

With the addition of the next shelf to the bar it was now time to put the bottles we’ve collected up on the shelf.

Top Shelf 🤣 the empty display shelf

Let’s start from the left.

Caracara Brewing Company – Lockhart, Texas

Located in the barbecue capital of Texas, Jack and I were first introduced to this fabulous establishment by Artie Fly and Sexie Sadie when attending Battle of Plum Creek, 2018.

This can is Caracara’s version of a ‘growler’ a 32oz can of your choice of beer, capped and sealed right there in the pub/brewery. What a fabulous experience and great barbecue from Blacks Barbecue with Artie, Sadie and son Matt.

Caracara Brewing Company with Artie and Sadie 2018

Four Roses Bourbon – Bardstown, Kentucky

Yep, well Jack and I happened across this place in August 2016 on our way back through from Guns of August in Ohio.

Ahhhh many a memory in this place!!

Four Roses Bourbon has been around since 1888. We got a cheap, personal tour, tasting and enjoyed finding out about the whole process and where they export to.

We enjoyed the regular Four Roses Bourbon more so than the Single Barrel version of the bottle we kept but can’t complain about the experience!!

The significance of the Roses? Was so named after the owners meeting of a southern Belle he then married who showed up to a ball with four Roses in her corsage. Awwww ain’t love grand. See all things lead to love and alcohol! Lol!

Oh and we have our Four Roses Bourbon bar mat installed at the Buckle Saloon!!

El Burro and Broke Ass wines – well these just appealed to our sense of humor at the time and we just had to have them! Fabulous reds.

Cattlemen’s, Double Deuce Beer – historic Oklahoma Stockyards

We’ve been here with many a cowboy, we were first introduced to this establishment by Flat Top Okie and Missouri Mae, we since then had been with Constable Nelson and Rooster Cogburn, Wild Horse John and Saginaw Sue and ourselves on other occasions.

Great spot to buy cowboy gear, have lunch and then roll out to home.

Cattlemen’s visit December, 2018 right before we came back to Aus.

The Cattlemen’s itself was won bought and sold in a game of craps, in short. So became the name and significance behind the beer and the brand. Cattlemen’s have the best steaks and sides you’ve ever tasted, located right next to the cattle stockyards, it has been visited by many since the early 1920’s.

The white ceramic bottle with blue insignia – Netherlands

This cute little bottle came supplied with Dutch Bear and Justice Ann’s own ‘Koffielikeur’ (coffee liqueur).

Sensational drop! And love the international injection to our collection.

Land Run Winery – El Reno, Oklahoma

This collection is only 4 of the great productions by the Kappus family. This winery was established with the purchase of 447 acres of land west of Oklahoma City back in 1918. Wine was starting to be produced in the 1930’s.

We have 4 of the collection depicting Wild Turkey – we used to see these occasionally running around the range scrub. It’s a Moscato.

The Scissortail Flycatcher is a Pineapple Pear which I think may have been tasted by Pearl Starr with me at EOT World Championships one particular year. The Scissortail Flycatcher is the Oklahoma state bird.

The Indian Blanket is Oklahoma’s state native flower and is a Riesling.

Finally the American Bison is a Merlot of course depicting the once prevalent mammals that roamed the Great Plains of Oklahoma prior to the land run in 1889.

And there are another beautiful 13 varieties we hadn’t tried.

What do we have next? Oh yeah, one of our most favourite beers Franziskaner Weissbier – one of the best German wheat beers ever! we’ve definitely experienced that one in Germany!!

Big Texan Steakhouse and Brewery – Amarillo, Texas

A growler of El Hefeweis – we had tried it in a beer flight with one of the best steaks around. Of course we got ridiculous photo opp’s with the oversized rocking chair out back! 🤣

Bundaberg Royal Liquer – Bundaberg, QLD, Australia

This bottle has been from Australia to the USA and back again still intact.

It went over to USA full, after Jack and I spent a visit with an old friend of mine that took us to the Bundaberg distillery in December 2015.

Bundaberg Rum also started in around 1888. Hmmm I see a pattern occurring here, seems all good liquors may have been formed in one shape or another in the late 1800’s!!

We now move onto the 3rd last bottle on the shelf – Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Spirit Whiskey.

Rebecca Creek Distillery – San Antonio, Texas

One of the finest Single Malt Whiskeys you could ever try.

Thanks to our good friends Hawkshaw Fred and Annie Devine for this one.

Rebecca Creek started around 2009, and has won lots of medals since. They are producing some spectacular drops.

Early January 2015 was when we first experienced this Whiskey with Hawkshaw Fred’s whiskey notes seminar at the Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas at SASS Convention.

Ahhhh one of our ultimate favorites!! Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.

We also found this 8.2% Kentucky Irish Red Ale in Bardstown, Kentucky in 2016 at the Old Talbott Tavern.

It is produced by Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. Fabulous brew and anywhere and anytime we could, we would get our hands on that for our drinking pleasure.

Memorabilia installed at Jack n Kat’s Buckle Saloon

And the final fill of the shelf, the famous Jack Daniels, White Rabbit Saloon Whiskey.

Made at Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee was a limited edition whiskey and aptly named after one of the very few saloons that resided in Lynchburg presumably before it went to a dry county!!

Yep a favourite watering hole opened by Jack Daniels and frequented by his friends where he was often known to shout the bar prior to prohibition coming in.

This sat for months at our Oklahoma home waiting for TrailRider to come visit until Jack and I finally caved and now TrailRider is reminded of the bottle ever since! 🤣

Jack Daniels Distillery tour

Well, what a great little look back at some of the exciting places we’ve been to in our travels in the US. It wasn’t always about shooting, it was t always about drinking but it certainly was the unique experience’s we had, the stories created and the history learned.

We thank you Oklahoma for our time spent there.

Kat xo

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